3 Jun 2016

My Little Sumo: concept art 1

We created this concept at the beginning of the project, when we were applying for funding to Screen Australia. Here is Daisy and Charley practising some sumo at their backyard, hills hoist included! In Ana's imagination, the house was located at the top of the Adelaide Hills that surround the city :)

26 May 2016

Daisy visits Kenji

Today we'd like to share with you a fragment of the initial storyboard created for My Little Sumo. We actually ended up changing many things but the role and feel of the place and situation remain the same.

Happy creating!
Ana & Carlos

18 May 2016

South Australian Screen Awards 2016 News!

We're so thrilled!

Thanks to Screen Australia for making this possible thanks to their funding and support. Thanks to our beautiful team for putting in their talent and passion. Thank you so much to our lead digital painter, Mawarini and lead animator, Alex Graham, who shined and shimmered! We'd also like to thank the lovely people at the Media Resource Centre for their constant support.

Ana (Production Designer & Co-Director) would also like to thank Charlie and Daisy for allowing her to imagine their world :)