28 Oct 2015


Sketch by anamaria-art.com / Original Photo by SIA DUFF Photography

We loved the response that My Little Sumo got at the Adelaide Film Festival.
Many thanks to those who were able to attend the event, and to all of you for your good energy and sincere support!

~Ana & Carlos

16 Oct 2015

Sneak a peek

My Little Sumo is about to be shared with our beloved Adelaidean audience! Come and check it out during the Adelaide Film Festival! There will be screenings of other fantastic projects made in SA!

In the meantime...
Slowly but surely two more projects are waking up from slumber.
More about them later :)


15 Oct 2015


We would like to thank everyone ... EVERYONE that was somehow involved in the making of My Little Sumo. It was a fantastic, exhausting, thrilling adventure full of learning opportunities.

Many thanks to...
Screen Australia for your support, the opportunity of a lifetime, and the funding to make this film possible.
Our producer, Marion Pilowsky and co-writer Lee Sellars, for believing in our potential and trusting us with a beautiful story, the seed that developed into Daisy's journey.
Our mentors, for their inspiration and guidance. We really treasure the times we were able to meet with you.
Our lovely crew, wonderful people, who put their passion, talent and energy into MLS.
Our cast, who helped bring our characters to life.
The beautiful people at the MRC in Adelaide, for always believing in us, giving us such good energy, and being so generous with us as emerging filmmakers.
To our families, for their support, for listening to us when things were stressful and lighting candles while thinking of us.

And to the Adelaide Film Festival, for giving us the first and grand chance to share My Little Sumo with an audience.


14 Oct 2015

Adelaide Film Festival and My Little Sumo

We are excited and honoured to be part of the Adelaide Film Festival! :)


Hello everyone!!
Welcome to our blog!

There are so many things we'd like to share with you! 2015 has been a difficult but wonderful year, full of new beginnings and lots of learning.
But for now, to keep things simple, this is a warm but short hello. We'll keep you posted on all our creative adventures!

All the very, very best from both of us!
Ana & Carlos